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Culture of Peace
Culture of Peace

Culture of Peace

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Making peace can be challenging, but God has graciously given us clear and helpful truths that are effective in any conflict between people. This practical and handy booklet offers four distinct ways to help a culture of peace flourish in your office, church, and home:

Biblical Peacemaking: Building Real Relationships by Ken Sande and Gary Friesen
Is there a relationship in your life that is hindered or broken by conflict? The four principles in this section are drawn from Scripture. They provide a simple framework that you can learn to apply to any relationship. You can be a peacemaker!

God's Search and Rescue Plan: Church Discipline by David V. Edling
Church discipline! Those words may be irrelevant to many Christians, or they may seem overly harsh and judgmental to many others. This section tells a story that sets the context for Christians to more fully appreciate God's primary purpose for church discipline - RECOVERY!

Words That Cut: Learning to Take Criticism in Light of the Gospel by Rev. Alfred Poirier
How do you react to criticism? Do you pout or feel humiliated? Do you play down your error and try to shift the blame? Or do you seek to defend yourself, boasting about your "good deeds" in order to prove the criticism wrong? This section contains good news that will change your view of criticism.

Judging Others: The Danger of Playing God by Ken Sande
As we interact with other people, we must constantly make judgments about their words and actions so that we can respond to them appropriately. But the Bible warns that we are prone to look for the worst in people at times, and we judge them more critically than they deserve. This section provides practical ways to guard against this tendency and to follow Jesus' example of making accurate and charitable judgments about others.


Culture of Peace is part of the Legacy curriculum.