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《解決日常衝突》視頻(八節課,下載mp4,華語,繁體字幕)Resolving Everyday Conflict videos (8 sessions, mp4 download, Mandarin, traditional Chinese subtitles)

《解決日常衝突》視頻(八節課,下載mp4,華語,繁體字幕)Resolving Everyday Conflict videos (8 sessions, mp4 download, Mandarin, traditional Chinese subtitles)

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Resolving Everyday Conflict video series (8 sessions)





 這一系列 8 個 30 分鐘的視頻,是為著小團體和家庭設計的,成員可以一起觀看和討論。面對沖突時,可以裝備和激勵你應用聖經的原則,在日常生活中建立和睦。不論基督徒或非基督徒都會從其中得益處。




  1. 採購者不得自行複制《解決日常衝突》MP4視頻資料,也不能自行上傳到網絡上。
  2. 如果你覺得課程很好,很想與身邊的人/團隊分享,請你推薦我們的網站,讓他們自己來購買材料。

 如果你想更多了解怎麼用中文開課學習,可以聯絡和平使者團隊,尋求協助。我們還免費提供教案、PPT 和《如何帶領解決日常衝突》組長培訓,以幫助您有效地帶領小組。

Resolving Everyday Conflict Video Series

Language: Mandarin voice, simplified Chinese subtitles

Format: MP4, E-copy

Content Description:

What price are you willing to pay for peace in your family, church, or organization? Would you like to reflect the love of Christ in all types of relationships?

This series of eight 30-minute video sessions, designed to be watched and discussed in a small group or family setting, will equip and motivate you to apply biblical principles of peacemaking in your daily life when you face conflicts. Christians and non-Christians have both benefited from this study.

*If you are leading the study, we also provide free lesson plans, PPT, and a small group leader’s training to help you lead this study in an effective way. Please contact for more information.

Copyright Agreement:

Thank you for purchasing the Resolving Daily Conflict video series. We hope you can practice the peacemaking principles found in these materials.

In view of intellectual property rights, purchasers need to comply with the following requirements:

  1. The purchaser will not copy or distribute the MP4 electronic version of the Resolving Daily Conflict video series for distribution to others or upload it to the Internet.
  2. If you value this material and want to share it with people or teams around you, please recommend our website so they can personally purchase the materials. 

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